While the Russian invasion into Crimea and the international isolation and sanctions exerted in response to it had eventually occupied the international media and the agenda of the diplomatic and political institutions, the life in Ukraine seems to turn to normal.

Yesterday, indeed, some new developments unfolded - the President Obama once again talked for almost an hour with his Russian counterpart on phone, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk continued his tour and meetings in European capitals, Japan reiterated that violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity is unacceptable, American military ship “Truxton” passed through the Bosporus Strait probably to join the George HW Bush ships squadron. The most impressive move - the Russian Foreign Ministry yesterday “wept” verbally and in written for several times - complaining that the European and Euro-Atlantic structures sever the ties with Russia, they do not listen to Moscow’s arguments, they jeopardize the unity of Europe, etc. The Russian Foreign Ministry was particularly affected with the summons to denounce the mandate of Russian delegation at PACE, and perhaps even to exclude Russia from the Council of Europe and OSCE.

Meanwhile the picture in Ukraine seems to turn into positive –there are signs that country's financial stability will be maintained. The International Monetary Fund's assessment of the situation isn’t concluded yet, but it’s already known that five billion dollars will be extended to Ukraine by the IMF. Another 11 billion Euros will be received from European Commission and one billion dollar of aid is approved by the U.S. Congress. Meantime, certain efforts are underway for diminishing the Ukraine's energy dependency on Russia.

Yesterday the Ukrainian papers had applied to Russian authorities with quests about the country’s former President Viktor Yanukovych. After the February 28 press-conference in Rostov-on-Don neither the members of the Party of Regions, nor the close friends or relatives in Kiev had received calls from Yanukovych. It’s suspected that former President who became a hostage in hands of Moscow possibly had passed away - still the Russian authorities hide it for disseminating false papers in his name.


It may be stated with pleasure, somewhere even with proud - that the Ukrainian police under the leadership of our compatriot Arsen Avakov has reached some achievements. Just two weeks had passed since Avakov’s appointment, but already the police succeed to identified several " titushkas " enrollment networks and leaders , arrested the organizers and the murderers of Yuri Verbitsky – an Euromaidan activist perished on the same day with Sergiy Nigoyan. Avakov tightened control over Russia's border, which made it possible to prevent hundreds of daily "Putin tourists" penetration into Ukraine. The “Putin tourists” are the provocateurs that move from city to city and organize the pro-Russian upheavals - in every city posing as local residents, while they are not even residents of Ukraine.

Finally, Avakov announced this week that the formal investigation in criminal activities of snipers had pretty progressed and it may be stated that the snipers who committed the murders near Euromaidan weren’t Ukrainians, they weren’t controlled neither by authorities nor by the opposition, probably a third country was involved there. Perhaps because of Avakov’s statement the Russians went crazy and seemingly leaked on Internet the segment of phone talk between Lady Ashton and the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. Still the leaked segment was cut in a way that obliged Paet to come forward with certain explanations. Paet stated that the record leaked to Internet was the fragment of a longer conversation. Along the talk he was telling to Lady Ashton that rumors like this and that circulate in Kiev - perhaps disseminated deliberately and a proper investigation is needed for their refutation. Still the Russians cut off the piece which made clear that Paet was quoting a rumor, so the listener would think he’s stating facts.

Finally, it’s told that the Ukrainian armed forces are raised to perfect readiness - every day hundreds of people arrive to military call-up commissions for voluntary recruitment, ready to defend the Ukraine against the Russian aggression. Perhaps realizing with what power of self-sacrifice these people may fight against Moscow, someone from Russia's parliament told yesterday that Russia isn’t going to unleash war with Ukraine. Thank heaven!


Since the appointment of presidential elections on May 25, 2014, the first public opinion survey was conducted in Ukraine. It determined that Petro Poroshenko – the "chocolate baron" of Ukraine is the sure leader of the race. His candidature isn’t formally proposed yet, but the polls already predict him to be not only a participant but the winner of the elections.

Petro Poroshenko graduated from Kiev University of International Relations in the early 1990-es studying at the Faculty of Law and Economics. Then he acquired or founded number of confectioneries, finally combined by him in "Roshen " corporation that enabled him to establish a fortune of about one billion dollars. He’s in politics for about one and half decade - was an MP for several convocations of Verkhovna Rada , also held ministerial portfolios in several governments, including the portfolio of the Foreign Minister of Ukraine. Poroshenko lives in a mansion called White House in Kiev.

The «Channel 5» TV belonging to Poroshenko was almost the main media - covering the Maidan event. He himself is a staunch supporter of Ukraine’s European integration and one of the most active advocates for NATO membership. The person assumed to be the next President of Ukraine presently carries the duties of the Ukraine President’s Representative in Crimea.

Lusine Petrosyan