Two Resolutions within One Day

Two significant events took place yesterday.

In Yerevan the surrender of the Prosperous Armenia Party brought to an end the months lasting farce of the "wonderful quartet". Yesterday not a single MP from Prosperous Armenia - so long claiming opposition to the authorities or President - dared to vote “against” and by that contravene even to Galust Sahakyan. Judging from the number of "in favor" votes, almost 30 out of total 36 Prosperous Armenia MP-s voted for Sahakyan. This means that either PAP leader Gagik Tzarukyan together with ex-President Kocharyan have lost control over the 80% of Prosperous Armenia, or that at least Tzarukyan is publicly obeying to Serzh Sargsyan. By the way Tzarukyan's obedience will be reaffirmed during the vote on government program. Apparently, during that vote any disobedience of PAP may lead to failure of government program adoption and so cost PM Abrahamyan’s resignation.

Still yesterday’s second outcome mattered not to the class of nickname bearers but to the Armenia. What Armenia did yesterday was an outright demarche against the Customs Union. Even leaving aside that the Armenian Economy Minister announced earlier then denied that Armenia was going to sign some paper about joining the Customs Union on April 29, on the eve of April 29 a Russian Minister told in Yerevan that President Sargsyan will participate in Customs trio April 29 summit, afterwards the future of Armenia-CU relations will become clear, finally the official site of the Belarusian President hosting the summit published the event agenda comprising just two items and one of them concerned to Armenia. Still despite of all that the Armenian President didn’t left to Minsk. It’s for the second time Armenia ignores the Customs Union summits. Doesn’t this mean that Armenia’s relation with CU has turned into formality and approaches its end?

Lusine Petrosyan

P. S.

PAP is the second largest fraction at Armenian Parliament and the party is largely believed to be tied to ex-President Robert Kocharyan (1998-2008). The party leader is Gagik Tsarukyan.

PM Hovik Abrahamyan is the vice-chair of the incumbent President’s Republican Party who previously hold the office of the Speaker of Parliament and was appointed PM on Arpil 13, 2014. Abrahamyan’s son is married to Tsarukyan’s daughter.

Galust Sahakyan is another vice chair of the ruling Republican Party who was proposed for the post of Speaker of the Parliament.