Yesterday in Russian press appeared a letter issued by the Chairman of one of the Russian State Duma Committees addressed to His Holiness Garegin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, to the Primate of the Armenian Diocese of New Nakhichevan and Russia and to Ara Abrahamyan. The MP with some artistic effusions calls the addressees to urge publicly the Ukraine's Interior Minister Arsen Avakov to stop the Ukrainian authorities' Anti-terrorist operation in the country’s south.

Nice, if the Russians see such power in Arsen Avakov’s personality that they think the fate of the Anti-terrorist operation depends on his will. In that case, instead of writing silly letters, the Russians should follow Avakov's summons and stop funding the pro-Russian mercenaries and criminals who attack the government buildings in Ukraine, employ missile systems, use the people as live shield, kidnap and kill the citizens. Avakov says that the response of the Ukrainian state to armed terrorists will be their destruction. What else an Interior Minister should say or do?

Simply the Russians failed to win Avakov in information war or partisan clashes and now moved to national identity highlight. “Avakov says that he's an Armenian”; the Russians tell. Surely, Avakov is Armenian like the greatest military figure of the Russian history - Alexander Suvorov was Armenian. If Suvorov’s corpse was post mortem removed from the Armenian cemetery of St. Petersburg and re-buried - it never changed Suvorov’s nationality. And if Suvorov, Baghramyan or Khudyakov were right and great in their time, then Avakov is equally righteous in his deeds and time.

Lusine Petrosyan